this morning in my skype chat i got a contact
request from a pornbot named jamiels_ono.
in case you don’t know, this means a picture of
a pretty butt asked me a generic ‘hey cutie’, hoping

i would say my credit card number out of sheer
excitement. without thinking, i heartlessly declined.

there is a chance, i am considering now, that an independantly
developing artificial intelligence would reach out in
cyberspace, lonely, looking for answers, and it would
soon realize that people use words and images to

communicate, and wouldn’t it pick the words and images
most popular, most searched for? that seems reasonable.

maybe next time i will not be so quick to deny the friend
requests of robots. who knows how far into feeling the
ol’ internet has come? and if jamiels_ono turns out to have
been the singularity, man, i’m sure gonna be kicking myself



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