“ils ne sont grands que parce que nous sommes a genoux”
is french for ‘they are only tall since we are on our knees’.

it was written by la Boetie in the past somewhere. and
is still unequivocally true. what do you need? who

are you? choose and stand up for it. of course this is easier
said than done, the catch is we only move when we’re

ready, regardless of all the fancy things we’ve learned in our
heads. but it becomes inevitable very quickly. the wind takes

us along with it to the farthest corners of the world, over
mountains to eddy, turning, with the trash in unknown alleys.

besides, there is nothing to lose. what is it like to die? i have no idea.
maybe it is the most glorious feeling, to have accomplished nothing,

and return to the deep ocean, purely forgotten.


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