the lord's food court

sometimes we gotta
ask the universe
for whatever it is
we need


2 thoughts on “the lord’s food court

  1. Andras Nemes

    Hello Daniel,
    I have a technical question for you. I also have some sketching ideas in my mind but I don’t know the technology around it. I mean I don’t know any software/hardware to use to make a sketch and have it available as a file on my computer. Could you be so kind to describe in a couple of words how you do it? I don’t need a detailed description, only something like “I use and IPad with this and this software”. I would be grateful.
    Thanks, Andras

    1. danielhnadeau Post author

      hey andras, nothing too fancy, most sketches are done with markers and pens and scan them. for touching up and inkscape. i’ve tried some apps like artrage and layers, and seen some really impressive work done with them, but still prefer the caveman burnt-stick and paper style for the rough stuff


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